When it comes to realizing the potential of health research, we all have a great deal at stake.

Derivative work of "IMG_0347a" by JohnJobby under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Derivative work of "IMG_0347a" by JohnJobby under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Researchers should have access to methods and tools that improve the probability of successful outcomes. We help bridge the gap between available online social technologies and the collaborative cultures they require to be effective.


Everything you need to manage a productive health research network.

Solvable Health increases funding competitiveness


We know how competitive it is to win research funding, and how difficult it is to get renewed. Promised outcomes and your networks' demonstrated ability to meet them directly correlate to new and renewed funding. Our work impacts your network's research outcomes, creating a clear return on investment.

Solvable Health tailors products and services to your network's stage of development.

Network Development

 We understand the stages of network development. Whether forming to write a new grant, creating distributed leadership after funding, or ensuring promised outcomes are achieved for renewal funding, we offer products and services that correspond directly to your stage of development. We guide research networks to be more than the sum of their parts – to realize the collective potential of the group.

Solvable Health takes both a human and technological approach to collaboration.


We apply both human and technological interventions to manage networks. We help build trust and relationships amongst members to create a fertile, collaborative culture. We can then leverage the analytical and collaborative capabilities of online social technologies to  increase the innovation and productive capacity of the network.

Become a Charter Client

We are currently accepting three additional networks to our Charter Client Program. Participating gives you early access to our new products and services, and significant input into how they take shape. In exchange, you get a reduced price on our services. Click here if you are interested.

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